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4 easy steps to a greener lifestyle

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Since the 8th of August 2016, we have reached the earth’s 2016 resources budget. This means that we now use more resources than nature can produce. Changing the way we live and consume is therefore not only a sign of good will anymore but a necessity.

Being more eco-friendly does not mean you have to start showering with rain water nor move out in the middle of the forest without electricity. What matter is the sum of all our little or big actions. Like the Olympics, the important part is not to win but to take part.


These are 4 easy steps that represent little effort for Mankind but a giant leap of the environment.

4 easy steps to a greener lifestyle - zero waste - recyclingBeginner level: 
  • Depending on the municipality/ city you live in, the regulations about recycling might differ. Check what are your local options. Look around; your building or street might have recycling containers.
  • If possible, get yourself a nice home recycling station with corresponding bins: one for glass, one for greens, one for non-recyclable, etc… The question is not for you to keep 20 different trash bins and have to drive 50 kilometres to get rid of your trash  which would be counter-productive, but most places have at least a glass recycling container in each neighbourhood.
  • Check your local supermarket; many now have collection bins for batteries, lamp bulbs or old household appliances for example.


Expert level: 
  • Start composting all your veggie and fruits peels, food rest, coffee grind, egg shells, tea bags (if those are not bleached),etc… It asks for a little space and/or equipment but it has great benefit if you are also into growing your own products and flowers as it makes the best possible fertiliser.
4 easy steps to a greener lifestyle - zero waste - recyclingBeginner level: 
  • If you use napkins, tissues or cotton pads on a daily basis, you can substitute them for their fabric equivalent. With three meals a day, at least two weeks of cold or hay fever per year and possibly daily make-up to remove, the quantity of paper and cotton used per household is astonishing. And at this rate, opting for washable options is not only good for the environment but also for your wallet!


Expert level: 
  • Washables for everyone and everything! Cleaning wipes, sanitary pads, diapers for baby, etc…

4 easy steps to a greener lifestyle - zero waste - recycling= Bring Your Own Bag

Beginner level:
  • As easy as ABC, simply say “no” every time you are asked if you want a plastic bag. At the supermarket, for your newly bought clothes, at the pharmacy, at the market… All you need are some reusable fabric bags in your handbag. At first, you might find yourself forgetting a couple of time, but like everything, a little perseverance goes a long way.
Expert level:
  • Buy your fruits, veggies, nuts and bread loose and bring your own fabric bag. If the shop do not subtract the weight of your bag, choose very light fabric (easily found on Amazon or Etsy) not to end up paying the extra weight.
4 easy steps to a greener lifestyle - zero waste - recyclingBeginner level: 
  • Read the labels, for your own sake as well as for the planet’s. If you can’t pronounce the name of most of the ingredients or if you need to remove more than one layer of packaging to access the product, you might want to choose something else.
  • Try to favour seasonal products and items sold unpackaged and to avoid processed and ready-made food.


Expert level: 
  • Change your way of buying and favour what is called “short-circuit” consumption. This means buying directly to producers where you can: at your local market or directly at the farm. A lot of cities now have some sort of “organic basket” delivery where you get fresh organic fruits, veggies and herbs every week. Some even offer recipes to use your products during the week and discover new flavours.
Start now, no matter if you’re just a beginner or already on expert level.