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We are in the middle of fashion revolution week and brace ourselves for the 24th April, the third anniversary of the tragic event at Rana Plaza. Three years ago hundreds of garment workers died there in Bangladesh. This day and the whole week is supposed to raise awareness for what’s behind the beautiful mask of the fashion industry.

But we strongly believe that sheer condemnation and grumbling is not helping. So we want to show you the opposite site and what’s possible besides the fast fashion labels. Companies who already know there’s a way to start a revolution in the fashion industry – whether it be with the use of ecofriendly materials, positive examples of fair-trade or switching to environment-sparing technologies. 

Therefore we want to introduce you to one of these labels today. A label which already understood. So now they are searching for ways and solutions to break through the deadly loop of that industry to give our earth another chance in producing consciously eco-neutral. 

Nomadix is a Californian label which is totally committed to the reduction of waste and environmental pollution. They started with creating ecofriendly towels. Now they also produce fashion pieces and accessories. With the beginning of fashion revolution week they started their new campaign Clean Apparel. With the help of a crowdfunding campaign they want to bring the most sustainable t-shirt to market.

We talked with the founders of Nomadix about what motivates them and how they produce.

label to watch / nomadix / clean apparel / sustainable fashion

What’s your personal motivation to create sustainable fashion/ accessories? Why towels?

We were living in California, traveling frequently, and doing many different athletic activities, and it was assumed that we should own a specialized towel for yoga, and another for the beach, and then others for camping, going to the gym, etc. We saw this as wasteful and expensive, so we designed a towel that performs during all of those activities.

label to watch / nomadix / clean apparel / sustainable fashion / yoga towel

Sustainability is the only way forward. Today, you can’t visit a beach without finding some bit of plastic on its shore, that wasn’t the case twenty years ago — I think people forget that sometimes. We actually started sponsoring monthly beach cleanups in California to raise awareness of plastic pollution. So it’s important that we do more good than harm as a company, and how we manufacture is a big part of that.
The bottom line is we need to change the way we consume goods, and the way we produce them. 

>Sustainability is the only way forward< says Nomadix co-founder Zack Helminiak Klick um zu Tweeten

Where do you get the materials for your products? 

We are very excited to announce our latest campaign, Clean Apparel, which raises awareness of the environmental damage caused by the apparel industry. For that campaign, we’ve teamed up with Recover Textiles to create 100% recycled apparel using a closed-loop manufacturing process. Essentially, they take used clothing from all over the planet (which would end up in the landfill) and they use it to create new yarn, without the use of chemicals or dyes. It’s the lowest impact yarn on the planet from a water and chemical consumption standpoint.  You can see the entire process in the video on our campaign page.

And our towels are made from eight post consumer recycled plastic bottles, which we chose because of the abundance of plastic waste we have today. We work very closely with our manufacturer (sending photos and videos back and forth) to make sure we are doing everything we can to lower our environmental footprint. Our facilities are electric rather than diesel powered, like many outdated facilities. The designs are printed on our towels using a process called sublimation, which is far more efficient at transferring ink and doesn’t generate any of the toxic waste or waste water generated by traditional dyeing.

During the Clean Apparel campaign, we will also feature other sustainable goods from our partners, including a skateboard made from recycled fishnets, and a yoga mat made from sustainably sourced natural rubber, among others.

label to watch / nomadix / clean apparel / sustainable fashion / processed recycled cotton

You produce fair fashion for active and traveling people. Are you on a journey, too? And how can you run a label while traveling?

Yes, we are traveling most of the year. For example, we’ve been working from South America for the past six months. We are currently based out of Vidigal, which is a favela (with a gorgeous view) in Rio de Janeiro. We have plans to travel to Colombia, Mexico and then back to our headquarters in California for some important trade shows and meetings this summer.

The vast majority of the work we do is over the Internet or over the phone, and unless say otherwise, everyone assumes they are calling us in California. There are a few challenges, but we’ve set up the company to require very little overhead and waste. Travel has the additional benefit of promoting creativity, so for us, the pros outweigh the cons.

What would you change immediately if you had the power to do so?

If I could change one thing immediately, I would make all modes of transportation (cars, planes, boats, trains, everything), run on solar power. Even though apparel is the second most polluting industry in the world, which we’ve decided to help solve, oil is still the most detrimental industry to the environment.

When you visit a city like Los Angeles, or Santiago, Chile, and you are lucky enough to be there the day after it rains, you can see how dense the air pollution was the day before. Most people don’t get to see the beautiful 10,000-foot mountains just behind LA. And if you look at air pollution in India and China, and the health issues surrounding that, solar powered transportation would transform those countries.

But even that wouldn’t fix some of our most pressing issues. Water pollution, in the form of pesticides, chemicals and dyes, is a huge environmental and health hazard that is directly tied to the apparel industry. There is a great article in Newsweek called The Environmental Crisis in Your Closet, which discusses how bad dyeing and treating apparel is in Bangladesh, China and India.  Another excellent resource is our interview with a hydrogeologist about The Environmental Cost of Apparel, which gives a good overview of how our water supply is affected by the apparel industry.

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Can we still save our world?

We can absolutely still save our world. In fact, we believe it’s possible to live a lifestyle that has a positive impact on the environment, instead of a negative one. But it starts with changing our behavior, which is why our ethos is “Own less. Do more.” We all require fewer physical things to live a healthy, happy life than advertisements and social norms would have you think. We believe this change will happen, because it has to, and Nomadix will do everything it can to enable it.

The most important thing people can do in their day-to-day life is pause before buying something, and ask, “What is the plan for this product? Will it last? Can the earth process this if it’s discarded?” Plastic bags, drinking straws, plastic utensils – these single use plastics don’t have a plan, and the earth cannot digest it. Make sure what you are buying can be reused or recycled at the end of its life, and if it can’t, frankly you shouldn’t buy it.
To learn more about how to own less and do more, visit www.nomadix.co.

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Thank you guys for being so open and explaining your idea in detail. We hope you reach the goal of your kickstarter campaign and send us our already pledged shirt in a few months. ?

label to watch / nomadix / clean apparel / sustainable fashion

If you want to support Nomadix and their idea of the most sustainable t-shirt on the planet, go to their Kickstarter campaign and choose your favorite reward. We promise, it’s worth it!

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